You old gray ad-silverbacks (gasp, like me) with a longer advertising memory than five minutes will know that yes indeedy, the flags-in-dogpoop advertising media has been around for at least ten years. Kesselskramer did it back in the 90s, Miami did it a few years ago, and countless student portfolios have had dog-shit-flag ideas in them forever. We've been mocking the dog-poop-flags here since at least the year 2k (see last image).

But have you seen it applied to political advertising before? Thought not. Here are some flags likening McCain's promises to dog poop.

Granite Pass is a fan of Barack Obama and so, in true election advertising style, they threw some shit at McCain. Toothpick flags were used on sidewalk dog poop. See more at

I'm not sure it's helping Obama much.

ad agency: Granite Pass
Credits - Greg Beauchamp : Creative Director


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    An artist mate of mine used to do a similar thing with national flags in Amsterdam in the early nineties. He also popped on car bonnets in Amsterdam and Berlin (human poop, that is) and took photos of the owners' reactions for his art. He now lives in NZ painting. Still, nice to see a revival in dog poo ambient work!

    *I had to edit this for a massive grammatical error*

    Oct 16, 2008

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