Kiwi Foot Deodorant - Boots - (2008) print (Thailand)


Kiwi Foot Deodorant - Boots - (2008) print (Thailand)

Talk about discreet - It took me a second to get it. Prepare to be slightly puzzled and then exclaim "duh!" at this Kiwi ad from Grey Bangkok.

Yeah I know, with todays fashion that could be the boots right way out. ;)

Grey Bangkok

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I'm still confused.

The shoes are inside out. It took me ages to get too.

It was that brass clip on the "Inside" that made me think "hey wouldn't that be really uncomfortable and press against the fibula?".. and before that sentence completed I realized, duh, they are inside out. That's why I said with fashion today it's hard to get, because I swear I've seen boots looking that raw, actually it's kinda cool.

Silly me, I should have read the line.

I thought, 'snake skin' and then wondered what snake skin had to do with letting order out. It's far too early in the morning for this. :)

"Happiness is overrated."

Wow, I would have never guessed they were inside out.

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