The position of the rider
The position of doggy style
The position of the little toad

Rub-it! (Doggy style, The little toad & The rider), La Condoneria (The condom shop), Barcelona

A small metaphor of the condoms like rubber gum. And his utilization 'to erase' evidences. The copywrite Rub-it!, also being a part of the slang in the pornographic industry, it refers to erase it, and in turn, as pronunciation or sound to the word Rabbit and the topic that prays ' to fuck as rabbits '.

Brand name: La Condoneria (The Condom Shop) Advert title(s): Rub-it! (Doggy style, The little toad & The rider) Country/Market: Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona Indication(s)/use: Prophylactic condoms Target: Consumers (DTC) and Trade Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): suigeneris, Barcelona, Spain Agency website: Account Director: Tino López Freixas Creative Director: Diego Otero Rodríguez Art Director: Jordi Alonso Copywriter: Diego Otero Rodríguez, Jordi Alonso Illustrator: Jordi Alonso Graphic Designer(s): Andrea Edarra, Matteo Guerra Photographer: Raúl Ortega of Red Light Studio Integration and retouching photography: Kim Boix Sas of

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