If you are are nearsighted your eyes can play tricks on you.

Ok, fine. I get that. But here's what I don't get. While depicting possible kidnapping scenarios, Mafia-filled restaurants and saunas with leering dudes in them... What exactly are you saying about your client, Laboratoires SIVO, products and services? That's right, nothing. Nothing at all. Everyone who is nearsighted has this issue, and all you're really saying is that your client sells glasses, which I'm sure they can't be the only ones in Tunisia who do.

So yeah, nearsighted people without glasses and active imaginations see Hollywood-style action scenes where there isn't any. Got it.

Client : Laboratoires SIVO Ad agency: JWT Tunis Executive Creative Director : El Zoghlami Ahmed M'timet racem Art Director / Copywriter : Art Director / Copywriter : M'timet racem Copywriter : Bedioui Azyz Business Director : MAHJOUB Ahmed Planner : KADDOUR Hazem Photographer : Chalghoum Karim Print Producer : Not'Prod 3D : UNIK Art Buyer : Jebnouni Soumaya

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