Lavazza Coffee Advertising Gets Hot and Steamy


Lavazza Coffee Advertising Gets Hot and Steamy

Sex and coffee - it's a strange combination at least in the way Lavazza melds the two in print ads photographed by Eryk Fitkau. There sure is nothing tastier than a freshly brewed cup of beans with that extra special something. ;)

Eryk Fitkau

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Digging coffee beans out from all sorts of places. Not very appetizing.

I prefer my coffee be made from beans naked people have not been frolicking in.

There's a label I'd like to see. Right next to the fair trade coffee there's the "beans that naked people have not been frolicking in" coffee. Get a designer on making a symbol for that stat! How about some boobs and a red slash across it? Like ghostbusters but with a babe? ;P

Naked Frolic Coffee: We Put The Kink In Coffee.

Certified Non Naked Frolic Coffee: For a kinkless conscience.

No. "Kink free" sounds better. But does, "kink free" sound too much like, "kinky"? That might cause confusion.

Wow they even worked in a manage-a-toi!

I would never had noticed that had you not pointed it out. Now I wish I hadn't.

woah. this ad definitely does stand out and is making a statement. im not even sure what to say other than woah.

sex and coffee. nothing better.

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