The rationale explains "Live unbuttoned is about expressing individuality, living outside conventions and shunning social restraint. So the 501's had to be advertised in the most unrestrained way" - so what do they do? Instead of having an ad inside the magazine they had the magazine inside the ad. Yep, they made little jeans that held the mags and you had to stick your hand down the pants to fish out the reading material. *snicker*
"The concept involved putting the ad outside the magazine. We completly "unbuttoned" how print advertising is approached." And naturally, a stunt is not complete without shilling it on eBay.
TBWA\TEQUILA\ Hong Kong are the guys to call when you want to make minitaure jeans, I guess.

Client: Levi's Agency: TBWA\TEQUILA\ Hong Kong Creatives - Mark Ringer, Esther Wong, Joseph Mok, Law Chi Hang : Creative Director Joseph Mok, Ronald Tin : Art Director Law Chi Hang, Calvin Chow : Copywriter

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