MSN recently created a website in conjunction with Sprite — it’s called "The Wall".

Then, MSN hired a Seattle agency known as the Wexley School for Girls to help them launch the website in a loud way, on the ground, guerilla style, in Atlanta where Sprite (aka Coca-Cola) is headquartered.

Wexley held a design contest, received entries from all over, selected 3 winners, created gobo’s with the artwork on them, and "tagged" the city using high-powered light projectors, throwing artwork randomly all over town.

The best projections were at World of Coke and a selection of hits on the sides of huge buildings -- one example was like 80 feet tall, 50 feet of image. Caused a traffic jam. Supported by radio remote, DJ, etc.

The client is now considering rolling it out to different cities - TBD.


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  • Dabitch's picture

    Light graffitti looks neat. But what happens when the Novelty wears off?
    I wish I had some images of a building here in Copenhagen that carried some light-ads recently - in the dark fall nights here its very noticable. ;)

    Nov 21, 2005

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