No matter how much you wash, you can't get rid of a dirty mind. This indisputable truth depicted by overly detailed illustration, one head full of greed and another full of sex, both looking at the bath sponge that can not save them. But it'll get your body properly lathered and clean, as bath sponges should. Giovanni+DraftFCB Brazil did this.

Advertised brand: Limppano Product: Pórus Bath Sponge Advert title(s): Dirty Mind - Greed / Dirty Mind - Lust Headline and copy text (in English): It just won't clean the dirt within. Advertising Agency: Giovanni+DRAFTFCB, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Creative Director: Felipe Rodrigues Art Director: Felipe Gomes, Thiago Di Gregório Copywriter: Otto Pajunk, Daniel Japa, Felipe Rodrigues Account Director: Gustavo Oliveira Illustrator: Estúdio Ícone Published: December, 2012.

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