Lipton - Lightly scented - print, JWT Dubai United Arab Emirates


Lipton - Lightly scented - print, JWT Dubai United Arab Emirates

How lightly scented? Lightly as in car scent lightly? ... Euh?

Client: Unilever Arabia
Client: Lipton
Agency: JWT Dubai
Executive Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Nizar Swailem / Layan Aziz
Copywriter: Ash Chagla
Illustrator: Nabil Kamara / Mahesh Kubal
Account Director: Dana Al Kutoubi
Photographer: Tejal Patni

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I know what they're getting at - but to me, the association is a turn-off. Car air fresheners are never nice.

I guess you're supposed to think of the tea bag as a much better air freshener.

BTW, where in Dubai do they have that kind of scenery? (Except in a studio)


I think the scenery is their translation of "This is what Bergamot smells like"

I prefer Stash Earl Grey with Double Bergamot.

really? another "hanging from the rear view mirror" ad?

Yes, I can see they've asked the question: what's heavily scented? But still, I don't like the association. Earl Grey tastes like the cup wasn't rinsed properly anyway, so I can't imagine reducing the strength of the bergamot would help much. Terrible stuff.

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