The Israel AIDS Taskforce has made use of the app Secret to create awareness.

In Israel and around the world, HIV-positive people are faced with stigmas created by society. The Israel AIDS Taskforce aims to rid the country from the prejudice surrounding HIV carriers and treat them as equals.

To make this happen, Y&R Israel enlisted several HIV-positive people to upload real pictures of themselves on Secret, with the message: “I am HIV-positive and it’s no secret”.

Nice use of an app for this message. I hope it promotes education and awareness to help with this issue.

Client: Israel AIDS Taskforce
Agency: Y&R Israel
Guy Bar - CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Deputy CEO – Yuval Vaingast
Oren Bennaim, Moshe Saikevich - Creative Director
Asi Gurtenberg - Copywriter
Gil Aviyam - Art Director
Moran Darzi - Account Supervisor
Halit Kraus - Account Manager
CEO Aids Task Force – Dr. Yuval Livnat
The organization's spokesman - Nissan Strauclr


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