Marmite Snacks - guzzle/puke bog/mouth drop/catch - print, UK


Marmite Snacks - guzzle/puke bog/mouth drop/catch - print, UK

I'm not sure what the heck possesed them but Marmite has invented marmite snacks, and like everything marmite - you'll either love it hate it.

The creative team at DDB London too this to heart and using simple illustrations that show one thing when viewed from one angle, and quite another thing when viewed from another angle - they capture that love/hate thing perfectly and humorously. Which other brand can you think of can show either a toilet or a wide open mouth depending on which way you look at it?

Agency: DDB London
Al Murphy : Illustrator
Andy Grimshaw : Photographer
Jeremy Craigen : Executive Creative Director
Grant Parker : Head of Art
Noah Regan : Copywriter / Art Director
Graeme Hall : Copywriter / Art Director

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I like these. I'm a sucker for visual tricks like this.

And is it me or is illustration making a bit of comeback? (That's if it ever went away!)

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