Mattel Hot Wheels - Parquet, Tiles & Carpet - print, UK


Mattel Hot Wheels - Parquet, Tiles & Carpet - print, UK

Ogilvy, London. UK did this, on poster sites right now, says the creative who submitted it via their personal gmail account.: @OGILVY helped us out here with exact info: "mattel: yes it run in outdoor and is about to run in press.". Thank you!

Ad agency: Ogilvy, London. UK
Creative Director: Alasdair Graham
Head Of Art: Andy Bird
Copywriter: Jason Mendes. Andy Wyton
Art Director: Andy Wyton. Jason Mendes
Account Manager: Leah Walsh
Account Supervisor: Kate Dowling
Photographer: Chris Jelley. Photolibrary.
Agency Producer: Mark Doyle.
Retoucher: Trevor Qizilbash @ Tag
Art Buyer: Coral Stafford. Brigette Martin
Country: UK
First appearence: April, 2009.

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Interesting. I notice this, though, on Ogilvy's site:

Surely they aren't running two different big-spend campaigns for toy cars within a couple of months of each other?

You have a very big fat valid point there. Can you pick up the phone and ring Ogilvy for me? Today has been a bad day of people sending in iffy work - I'm in quite the foul mood now. Also, this is why I called out the funky gmail address. Creatives who have nothing to hide submit work from the ad agency email address and i set off alarm bells but I wasn't sure.

Well the reason I looked is that I remembered older Hotwheels campaigns and the 'carpet' idea isn't nearly as good. I reckon it's a case of 'bastards with no taste rejected my work of genius' syndrome.

Naaah. If you look at them, both are photoshop fun ideas, and both of them have the same art directors on the team. The very same guy as sent in the submission. (I have asked Ogilvy straight up now though, so we can clear up any confusion here)

Maybe they just liked this version better than the one that ran (I don't).

Ogilvy confirmed that these ads are running/about to run - updated post. :)

Hell yeah! Way to crack the nut on that hotwheels stuff, guys!

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