McDonald's - Beefcake prefers burgers to babe?

There's a disturbing trend in McDonald's advertising - their burgers mean sex. Or they wanna have sex with their burgers. Or nobody told them what really happens when the birds and bees get together - either way it's kinky. Here's another recent example.....

In this strange ad the groom seems to be thinking "beefcake" when looking at his bride - there's a whole other can of worms. Does he really want a burger more than anything else at this moment? Are burgers and sex interchangeble in McDonalds-land? Comfort food indeed.

Now honestly people - what the hell is going on with McDonals briefs? Does the proposition read "McDonalds is better than sex"? Not even virgins with un-hairy palms will believe that one. It's getting a little disturbing.....