McDonald's Big 'n' Juicy Burger "Giant napkin" double page spread

More napkins from McDonald's and DDB in Stockholm, Sweden. Seems the motto for this campaign was "think big". Here oversized napkins made out of real napkin paper were stapled into the middle of Metro as a double-page spread.

See also: McDonald's Big 'n' Juicy Burger "Giant napkin" poster and the Mcdonald's - Extra large coffee - Sweden press.

Andreas Dahlqvist - Executive Creative Director Johan Holmström - Creative Director Ted Harry Mellström - Creative Simon Higby - Creative Martin Lundgren - Creative Joachim Levin - Agency Producer Lars Friberg - Account manager Anna Hellenberg - Agency Producer
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Hmm...this one doesn't seem much bigger than an actual napkin unfolded. Come on, guys, big it up a notch!