As any Art director (and designer) will tell you, color matters. That's exactly what the campaign for Medal paints, created by Lowe Bull Johannesburg, wants you to understand. Instead of going the bland route of showing rooms painted in "whiter than eggshell white" with accents of "whiter white" and the trims in "Whiterthanwhite, look we just have to shift the bloody white we got" they don't show anything you can paint at all. Instead, they change the colors of everyday objects and watch the reactions. Black cat? Bad. Red bra? Good.

My only objection would be with the underwear print ad. Do women in South Africa not wear nude underwear because whatever they are wearing on top is totally sheer and/or lacy?. That's why nude undies were invented - so we don't have to go commando a la Mrs Spears.

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