Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy raise the white flag for Doctors without borders.

While the images are perfectly self-explanatory, the choice of a grown man with a hurt leg does them now favors. One could interpret that image as "white flag raised by soldier when he got hurt". It would have been better to steer away from any adults in the images.

Advertised brand: Medici Senza Frontiere Advert title: WHITE FLAG Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): LOWE PIRELLA FRONZONI, MILAN, ITALY Agency website: http://www.lowepirella.it Creative Director: FRANCESCO BOZZA + UMBERTO CASAGRANDE Art Director: ALESSANDRO BEDESCHI Copywriter: MASSIMO AMBROSINI Photographer: Francesco Zizola, Simon Larbalestier, Sebastian Bolesch Post Production: Thomas Lavezzari Published: From December 2008

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