Campaign made by NEOGAMA/BBH (a Brazilian advertising agency) for Mentos Rainbow.

Title of Ad: “Lacking Color? Now you can have 7” Advertising Agency: NEOGAMA/BBH Product or Service: MENTOS RAINBOW Advertiser/Client: PERFETTI VAN MELLE Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Creative Director: Márcio Ribas and Wilson Mateos Art Director: Paulo Lemos and Fábio Astolpho Copywriter: Eduardo Andrietta Art Buyer: Mariah Bayeux and Rubens Gomez Producer: Kiyoshi Takahashi and Daniel Terlizzi “Panga” Photographer: Eduardo Rodrigues Model Maker: Daniel Hashimi and Marco Di Giorgio Illustrator: Eduardo Oliveira, Alessandra Perez and Roberta Souza Pre-Media: Burti Account Director: Valeria Barbosa Account Manager: Mariana Magalhães and Filipe Albuquerque Advertiser's Supervisor: Marco Seregni, Tatiana Checchia and Roberta Caceres

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