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I just got fired...
Can I keep your stapler?
Mentos Single Pack
Selfishness without guilt
Mini mentos mint


I love hanging out with you. All the boys keep looking at me.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, Brazil Chief Creative Officer: Alexandre Gama Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos Art Director: Thiago Cruz Copywriter: Raphael Quatrocci Illustrator: Fernando Dias De Souza Art Buyers: Mariah Bayeux, Janaína Lacerda, Rubens Gomes Account Supervisor: Valéria Barbosa Account Managers: Mariana Magalhães, Filipe Albuquerque Planners: Eduardo Lorenzi, Diana Junqueira Advertiser's Supervisor: Marco Seregni, Joana Oliveira Other Credits: Kiyoshi Takahashi, Vinícius Busico, Eduardo Oliveira

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