The headline translates into "How to take a spin in a car that isn't yours." If this is lost on you, I'll explain. Eike Batista, was once the richest man in Brazil. He lost almost all his money and was then had some assets siezed. One of the judges in the case took one look at Batista's cars and went ahead and helped himself to a joy ride. This headline humorously mocks that recent scandal. Funnnnnnny.

Client: Mercedes-Benz Brazil Agency: 11:21 Rio, Brazil Client: AGO Mercedes-Benz Product: Test Drive Creative Director: Gustavo Bastos Copywriter Gustavo Bastos Art Director: Robson Oshiro Account Manager: Wanmiro Jr Media: Bianca Brandão Aproved By: Isaac Nachbar, Claudio Nigri, Hermann Nachbar