Mercy for animals hijacked the most recent PMS_styled "got milk" campaign, only to spell out "Got ethics" because apparently we are to deduce that it's unethical to drink milk. They explain in detail on their own blog why. The Got milk "got PMS" campaign wasn't well received, with MS Magazine petitioning against it before it even launched. Now MFA joins in and parodies the original campaign, but to un-sell milk.

In a bid to set the record straight about the milk industry's true relationship with the female reproductive system, MFA has created an edgy parody of the highly maligned and recently scrapped dairy industry PMS ad campaign. The clever ad exposes the dark side of milk production: egregious animal abuse.

That's not all, these ads will run in Ms. Magazine. Mercy for animals wants wants consumers to know that "milk comes from exploited, abused and grieving mothers", and they're telling the ladies who were pissed off about the PMS campaigm first. Way to have a campaign backfire, Milk. Well done.

Hat tip, Osocio

Mercy for animals