Miss Epil - a hairy djungle - print France


Miss Epil - a hairy djungle - print France

Lowe Strateus, Paris, has created this campaign asking women to please use Miss Epil. Looking at this campaign my first reaction isn't to go hairless, but to get a bigger man. (oh yeah, I went there.)

David Ledoux, Photographer
Nicolas Marrocco 3D, Illustrator
Vincent Behaeghel, Creative Director
Olivier Minet, Art Director
Maxime Landsheere, Copywriter

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Visually interesting but the line "Ladies please use" stinks.

Yes, I thought that. Where are the men trying to find their way to, by the way?

Are they suggesting a "Landing Strip", or to go completely bare??? :-)

Well I know what most men can't find if it sat one their face and jodled. ;P Perhaps that is what the map is for.

Tsk. And here's me trying to concentrate.

Good luck with that! ;-)

Nope. Given up. For me, the week is over.

No wonder that guy's scratching his head looking at the compass! It's not magnetic (at least in terms of magnetic fields, etc.).

I haven't lost one yet!!

As to having it sat on one's face, and jodling , it is one of a few prefered positions - although in my experience you usually have to work a bit to get her to 'jodle'! - but it's worth it (for all involved)!size>

I guess I killed this thread.... Sorry! :-)

The tag line is really bad!

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