Moma! On-the-go breakfast müsli want to stand out in their category, and what better way to do that than use their name as a joke? On busy commuter train routes these small posters will at least attemt to brighten up the monotonous daily journey, whilst reminding those hungry that there's breakfast on the go in the nearest shop.

Headlines all play on the "yo moma" joke style, and at least one so far refers to work.

"Yo MOMA so FILLING first thing elevenses, just became twelveses"
"Yo MOMA so low-fat it makes a skinny latte look chubby"
"Yo MOMA so filling she makes the full English look empty"

Thems fighting words aimed at other breakfasts! The campaign will be running through May.

Ad agency: The Red Brick Road Creatives : James Tyler and Libby Middlehurst Illustrations : Jonathan Atkins and Adam Bletchly.

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