Mom's demand action signed off on this print campaign that shows children holding one banned object and one object that is not banned. The surprise being that the not banned is the big scary looking gun on the right. Dodgeball is banned? Well, in a single New Hampshire school it is. Oh, and the US ban of Kinder eggs has been cracked , and it's now safe to sell, so either that ad waited around to get clearance or someone failed the research.
That leaves us with the ban on little Red Ridinghood, which actually was banned... in two school districts in California. Is that the sort of ban we want those scary looking guns to get too? Like a you may not carry your gun into this school district ban?
Just to be clear. A school district deciding not to carry a book is not the same as the government making it illegal for you to read the book, own the book, or have fifty bazillion copies of the book at your house where all the neighborhood kids get to hang out and read it. One school in NH deciding to not play Dodgeball isn't the same as all states banning the sale or ownership of dodgeballs.

In short, while I see how easy this simple image idea can be campaigned forever using all sorts of banned items, I also see that every banned item chosen so far is a fallacy. Nice try though.

Agency: Grey, New York President, Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren Executive Creative Directors: Steve Krauss, Ari Halper Creative Director, Art Director: Eric Schutte Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Rob Carducci Copywriter: Richard Bullock