Finnish agency 358 was tasked to promote the new season of Finland's version of Cops, called Poliisit.

They created a sort of Mugshot Yourself app on Facebook to make use of the show's fans. Thousands more flocked to become a "Usual Suspect," by downloading the app, and putting their face in a mugshot.

From January to February, the number of Facebook fans grew from 10,000 to 30,000.

If the Finnish police are smart, they'll be scanning these for actual criminals, because if this is any indication, criminals love their social media sites. And you just know some idiot is going to upload their mugshot photo thinking "They'll never catch me."

And Agency 358: if it does indeed happen that a criminal gets caught uploading their mugshot on your app, repeat after me: "extended content."

Olkaa hyvä!

Client: JIM TV Agency: 358 Helsinki Creative director: Ale Lauraéus Art director: Tuukka Tujula Copy: Anna lundqvist, Ale Lauraéus Graphic designer: Mark Nurmi Client team director: Kimmo Tupala Agency producer: petra Yli-Hemminki

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