The only thing that would make this ad better is if it was some sort of scratch and sniff print, but the photograph's treatment of all the lovely but stinky-breath foods has the same effect visually. Radishes, onions, glorious garlic flowers and spicy sausage crowd the page and make you wish for a stick of minty gum.

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Air Date: December 2015 C.E.O: Yossi Lubaton VP-Creative Director: Idan Regev Creative Director: Sharon Refael Copywriter: Eran (Shushu) Spanier Art-Director: Aia Bechor Kujnitzky VP-Group Account Head: Maya salomon Account Supervisor: Yogev Atoon Account Executive: Omry Sela Graphic Studio: Yulia Zak, Yaniv Shachar Head Of Production & Content: Dorit Gvili Production: Gali Starkman Creative Coordinator: Eva Hasson Photographer: Yoram Aschheim Food Stylist: Sharon Kedem Category Manager Strauss: Meital Tarazi Brand Manager Strauss: Lian Shemesh