National Foundation for the Deaf - Live testing station in an adshel - print, New Zealand

DDB New Zealand are still grabbing attention for the National Foundation for the Deaf Awareness Week - this time they made a poster a "testing station" to see if your volume level is too loud, since most people don't know what volume level is safe. You simply insert your headphone into the poster and the lights will go red if you're listening too it too loud. I SAID, THE LIGHTS WILL GO RED.. Oh nevermind.

See also their previous posters: Trains Planes and Automobiles and the National Foundation for the Deaf - Dance party / Concert radio ads.

Watch a movie showing peoples reactions to the poster inside.

Toby Talbot : Executive Creative Director
Mike Davison : Head of Art
Karen Maurice-O'Leary : Art Director
Verity Butt : Copywriter

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With gimps in my office playing Tom Petty, Wham! and Easy Lover by Phil - someone please kill him - Collins it's no wonder some of us are turning up our iPods a little too much.

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I hate the gimps in your office. Phil? Are they 70 years old?

This is a very clever idea for a poster. I like it a lot.