Nationalencyklopedin; All you need to know ambient, Sweden


Nationalencyklopedin; All you need to know ambient, Sweden

Forsman and Bodenfors campaign for"Nationalencyklopedin, All you need to know" (The National Encyclopedia) appeared on nearly everything they could find.

Each piece has body copy explaining what it is. The one below reads: POSTER - and describes what a poster is.


"Sandwhichman" & "Bag"





"Toilet paper"



"T-shirt" & "Telefax"

"Envelope, Businesscards & Letter"

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Allow me to say "Britart" before anyone else does. Also, recall Goose already outed Britart as Art Imitating art - and another ad campaign - way back in 2002. Which is the better badlander if you ask me.

Oh fuck, I SMURF - or you owe me a coke Kgeiger.

That's what I call timing... ;)

Pretty funny. See I knew someone was going to drag up Britart.

Is there a Godwin's-type Law to govern this?

Such as "In any creative thinking process, you're only two steps away from creating a Britart-style campaign only to discover Britart didn't do it first anyway?"

Really? I thought the Britart stuff was from early 2006...

You're kidding right? It was a D&AD winner the year 2000! That's a lifetime ago in advertising (and blogging but we reported on its winning streak - shit I really need to get a life)

Shit. How embarrassing. I've got to stop writing comments that expose me for the hack I am... :)

I love 'sandwichman'. Are you telling me there's no Swedish word for sandwich? Smörgåsman? And I love the word 'ballong'. Does that mean the swedish word for 'moon' is 'mong'?

There's several words for a sandwich. To do the Earl of Sandwich-thing you could call it a "dubbel-macka", either a macka or a smörgås can be doubled like the Earl did it. However, since "smörgås" stems from the creation of butter - when you churn the cream little "geese" of thick butter float up to the top and these are taken to spread on the bread, they are buttergeese = smörgås (butter + goose) - it makes no sense when you apply it to a sandwich board which refers to two slices of bread.

/ just call me triviaqueen

I am totally delighted by the idea of butter geese. I can't wait to bring that one into a conversation :)

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