Natural Resources Defense Council - Global Warming Hot Cup & Sleeve - ambient, USA


Natural Resources Defense Council - Global Warming Hot Cup & Sleeve - ambient, USA

In New York they're currently decorating the disposable cup-sleeves with messages. For more environmental messages on cups check out the WWF hot water cup, and the Starbucks hot coffee desert cups.

Advertised brand: NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Advert title: "Global Warming-Hot Cup & Sleeve"
Headline and copy text: Protect yourself from global warming.
Advertising Agency: KNARF New York, USA

Agency website: knarfny.com
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo

Copywriters: Kevin Honegger, Stephen Minasvand
Art Directors: Stephen Minasvand, Kevin Honegger, Frank Anselmo

Photographer: Billy Siegrist
Short rationale: Hot cups & companion protective sleeves were distributed as a pair to illustrate the global issue. The NRDC (protective sleeve) protects you from global warming (hot cup).

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Looks just like what was entered into the 07 One Show from two Circus kids.

Yep, that's an identical idea.

Here is the version that is in Stephen Minasvand's book, courtesy of his website.

That is the exact same one as Dabitch posted above, is it not?

It is, but shows what the other groups looked like when entered into the 07 One Show.

The two photos that I've posted are showing how similar the two ideas were, coming from students, into the 07 One Show Student Competition.

There was a comment on Adsoftheworld.com that mentioned theirs was better because it looked more professional.

The reason I posted the one from his book is because that's what it looked like when entered it into One Show.

That's great. Thanks for posting. It's surely the same idea with a different line.
But Steven's is much better. Better and shorter line. The cup looks nicer. The circus one is too dark.
And other decisions like the craft paper for the sleeve works much better for an environmental org. than just plain white.
Steven thought out all the details. Good going. Goes to show the power of art direction. The produced version is very similar.
Oh and I like the texture on the sleeve. Great.

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