New York, the city that never washes......


New York, the city that never washes......

Over at Cityrag they spotted a very hairy bus this morning. What the heck is that - hobo camouflage?

Apparently this bus will be dressed up for two weeks, dare we hope that blue brand liquid detergent actually gets NYC street grit out after that? Might have been a better promotion just to offer to wash all homeless peoples clothes. "look, they're just like new! And smell fresh too!" I know a lot of people who would appreciate that last feature now that the sweltering heat is fast approaching.....

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Isn't that the point though? That one small bottle can clean all those dirty NYC clothes? Definitely attention getting for a bus-wrap.

Maybe they'll donate all those clean clothes to the homeless when they're done. It's a nice idea...wonder who did it.

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