New York Taxis get a New Look.


New York Taxis get a New Look.

Purepartner by design is currently busy rebranding the old yellow taxicab of New York City, and giving a facelift to the entire Taxi and Limousine Commission. The new look is designed to make the 12,000+ NYC taxis more attractive, iconic and consistent in their appearance, and will provide a new set of revenue generating trademarks and copyrights for the City.

First out in the new look is the new Medallion which will premiere in June 2005. "This new system of marks and graphics will provide a compelling, authentic and integrated design platform to reinforce the designation of officially licensed taxis of the City of New York while building equity into the TLC brand," said Ron Caaruso, partner in Purepartner by design. After polishing all exterior communications they will also be re-designing all interior communications.

By making a system of marks and mandatory compliance with the new graphic standards, TLC will begin to build equity into their identity and create the foundation for a revenue-generating merchandise program in the future.

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I wonder how long it will take before someone claims that the "bridge" looks like a jet trail from an airplane as it crashes through the two towers?

It took you all of ten minutes mate. ;) Ha!
So sad, I bet someone will too. I dig the design.

Yup, the design is cool and it'll be a shame if somebody was to start an investigation on how this got approved in the first place.

But then, aren't you glad at least nobody's drawing Napster on this? :-P

You're right, that does look like the Napster head.....

Are these supposed to be on the roof of taxis?

when I see a bridge. I first think of San Francisco. Other than that, its nice.

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