Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand compare army strategy to playing Tetris as they recruit leaders and strategists into the Army as officers. I've seen similar thoughts before but it never really works for me, the whole 'game' angle I mean. I bet that the training officers will be yelling at the new recruits as soon as they get there "do you think this is a game!?" ;)

Andy Salisbury - Retoucher Rory Carter - Photographer Mike O'Sullivan - Executive Creative Director Tim Hall - Creative Director Sam Brown - Creative Kate Catalinac - Creative Tom Ackroyd, Anna Kennedy - Agency Producer Catherine MacCormick - Producer Production Company: Reload Photographic Productions

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    Maybe it's just because I've never been a fan of Tetris. But the first one didn't make me think of Tetris (or armies), but rather of the British Airways Face.

    Aug 06, 2008