Colenso BBDO, Auckland had an assigment to promote that King Kong the movie was about to air on New Zealand television - so they hijacked the windows of the University cafeteria and somehow managed to stick a poster on the outside of the skyrise building.
One day the students are enjoying their view in the cafeteria, and the next day they are met with this.

Brent Courtney (Photographer)
Nick Worthington (Executive Creative Director)
Richard Maddocks (Executive Creative Director)
Steve Cochran (Creative Director)
Jonathan McMahon (Creatives)
Lisa Fedyszyn (Creatives)
Paul Courtney (Agency Producer)
Angela Watson, Karla Fisher, Lucy Plikington (Account service)

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  • brandonbarr's picture

    This was probably done with interior window decals, no?

    Though a similar stunt with a billboard moving up and down a building would be awesome.

    Apr 02, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    I'd choose interior window decals but their release said "outside" so... *shrug*
    yes I'm pretty much just posting everything submitted like a robot but I've had a lot of work to do recently and even more emails from people who need help around here/spammers wreaking havoc on here so I'm getting a bit robotic, sorry

    Apr 02, 2008
  • Allan1's picture

    We've had somewhat similar outside the window ads in Philadelphia, PA (USA) - but not the same.

    The ones in Philly were intended for viewing from the outside (i.e. from expressways and overpasses, and other buildings). The material used allowed the people inside the building to be able to look out, even though the ad was wrapped around the building across several floors. . I don't know how clear the view out was.

    I don't have any photos handy. If I come across any, I'll post 'em.

    Apr 02, 2008

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