France has had it rough for years now because America had been getting all the cool stuff first. Sometimes they'd have to wait years before they'd get the cool stuff we had. Like Jeans and an electric guitar. In the case of cupcakes, they had to wait for sixty years. No joke. And don't even get them started on entertainment. When it comes to our TV, they often have to wait an entire season before they get to catch up. Until now! Game of Thrones, season six, will air at the exact same time it airs in America, April 25th, at three in the morning France time. Better have an allongé or three to stay up.

CLIENT CANAL CLIENT MANAGEMENT Audrey Brugère / Elise Lacroix / Eugènie Rodrigues AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Guillaume Espinet / Elsa Magadoux / Mathilde Lançon EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stéphane Xiberras CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jean-Christophe Royer / Eric Astorgue ART DIRECTOR Marion André / Aurore De Sousa COPYWRITER Sandra Mac Millan ACHAT D’ART Victoria Vingtdeux ILLUSTRATOR Timothy Durand