Nugget since 1942 - Print , Argentina


Nugget since 1942 - Print , Argentina

This made me laugh. How irrelevant is UFO's to shoe polish? Oh, so very. But it does tell me what I need to know - this polish gives you really shiny shoes. Which could be useful if there's a UFO-attack. ;) Euro RSCG Buenos Aires did this print ad.

Link to larger print ad

Update! There's a TV commercial to go with this here:
Nugget Bright & Shiny - Since 1942 - (2008) :40 (Argentina)

Kudos: Gustavo Reyes, Executive Creative Director
Maxi Sánchez, Creative Director
Mariano Duhalde, Creative Director
Pedro Pappalardo, Creative Director
Ivan Zimmermann, Art Director
Rodrigo Raices, Copywriter

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UFOs are always good, I think. Whatever happened to them, by the way? I blame the camera phone for scaring them off.

Hahahaha. But camera-phones catch side-stepping gnomes on film now! :)

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