DDB Melbourne, Australia shows off how very nimble these people are....

Right, see I like the tagline. No no, not "Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine's Day", but that other one; Be bad, drink good. Coincidentally, this is also my motto.

John Zurbo (Typographer)
Michael Faudet (Executive Creative Director & CD)
John Akritidis/ Michael Davey (Copywriter & Art Director team)


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  • tod.brody's picture

    and I've been out drinking with you so I know it's true. ;-)

    Feb 14, 2008
  • Wendall's picture

    Some of those positions look more like wrestling moves...

    Feb 15, 2008
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    Didn't Axe/Lynx do something similar in the past couple of years? Ah yes, Lynx Body language from 2005. Wonder if there are enough of these "sex-positions-as-font" ideas for a meme/badland post. ;-)

    Feb 15, 2008
  • Wendall's picture

    The "sex font" joke has really lost any sense of creativity (to me at least), seeing as one can just go on a font website & download erotic fonts.

    Feb 15, 2008

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