o.b. Tampons - Dracula - print, Switzerland


o.b. Tampons - Dracula - print, Switzerland

Seeing this, I wonder why I haven't seen it before, honestly. Girls like vampires, right? Yeah! Girls use tampons! Tampons gather blood, man the ad is obvious. ;)

Larger image here (as if you'd need a closeup)

Advertised brand: o.b. Tampons
Advert titles: Vampire
Headline and copy text: Very absorbent.

Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland
Agency website: www.lowe.ch
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Comte
Art Director: Sebastian Hugelshofer
Copywriter: Ivan Madeo
Photographer: Sandro Diener
3D-Art: Pixelprinz.ch
Graphics: Claudia Gaisser
Account Supervisors: Rolf Jeger, René Kaiser

Launch (Month, Year): March 2009

Ad type: 


That is just so not right.

Like it.
Even though it is so obvious it never ran. It's just for the festivals.

I know the "ick" but I can't help but laugh at it. Teehee.

Is this for real ?? I mean I used to handle the ob J&J account and they are really strict about their brand values etc! So I don't know how on earth they managed to convince them to air this press ad ! Maybe the headquarters of J&J don't know anything about it ... ( evil laugh ;0)

Gotta be spec work.

This is what I know.

It's been submitted by agency people from @adagencyemail with the subject New ad for o.b. Tampons. We have a SPEC work category and encourage people to send in spec (see submit work) - the email we got does not mention spec, thus we've not labelled it spec.

Other websites, which linked here and did not receive the original email submission have been asked by Rolf to remove the ad.

We have not received any new emails from @adagency original submitters, nor Rolf.

deduce from this what you want.

who is Rolf???? Am I the only one that doesn't have a clue??

Credits list: Account Supervisors: Rolf Jeger, René Kaiser - but I honestly don't know as I have not received an email from anyone, Rolf or not.

I deduce that they're removing it from websites that they did not submit it to? Did I get that right?

It's not spec work, because it probably ran.
In a very insignificant magazine.
Paid by the agency.

So technically it's not spec, but common sense says to me that this ran only once with as its only goal: to win awards.

Hey, we've all done it. How do you think those great ads for Hans Brinker Budget Hotels by KesselsKramer got to win so many awards? Do you really believe a tiny hotel can afford to buy all that media space in international magazines?

So, an ad that runs for a client that doesn't pay for it isn't considered spec? I think it's the same thing, but I'm curious what you would call it then? Just a fake ad, maybe.

I just have trouble believing that the client signed off on this one. But I've been wrong before, so who knows. :)

I thought it is 'spec' if the client didn't agree for it to run.

Like the average student book, it usually contains a few ads and even films for which they never even contacted the client.

I'm with Hygge, spec means never-rans, client probably never saw it. Hell, it might not even have a client, spec is to show off skills. Ghost ads are once-rans that enter awards but that people never saw, possibly okayed by the client to run, once.

ah...righto. Forgot about those ghosties. :)

I'm copying/pasting the comment i found on another blog running this ad
"I’d like to clarify that this image is not one of our advertisements; it was drafted by our ad agency in Switzerland and was rejected, as it does not reflect our values and standards.
- Teresa Panas from the maker of o.b. tampons"

Teresa Panas does not work at Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland, or even in Switzerland I gather from that comment. So, Draftfcb/Lowe Group, Zurich, Switzerland can have made and run this ad, submitted it (note as Dabitch said the original agency has not asked for it to be taken down here or re-labeled spec work). I smell a "Amerian company got scared of European companies ad" scandal brewing. Much like when US Snickers got that Mr T ad off the air in the UK. So stupid.

Since its was not approved by J&J then maybe the agency should publish it to the best rejected.com and not send it all around the globe! Just a thought

Or you know, they could mark it as spec when submitting like we ask people to do, so that we can publish it in the spec category where good spec work thrives. No need to start a new site just for that. Just a thought.

I think it might be a better ad if it was for an anticoagulant product.

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