Olympus Binoculars - Closer - (print) Australia


Olympus Binoculars - Closer - (print) Australia

I'm not sure if JWT Sydney is telling me that the items viewed through Olympus Binoculars come a lot closer, or that Olympus Binoculars are magical animal magnets that suck the critters in. Either way, funny images.

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Jeffrey Oley, Typographer
Adam Taylor, Photographer
Electric Art, Retoucher
Andy DiLallo, Executive Creative Director
Jay Benjamin, Executive Creative Director
John Lam, Creative Group Head/ Art Director
Jason Ross, Creative Group Head/ Copywriter
Account Service: Peter Bosilkovski


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A bit too obvious for my

A bit too obvious for my liking, but I suppose it gets the idea across.

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I prefer this one, same

I prefer this one, same basic thought but better communicated.

Agency: Advico Young & Rubicam, Switzerland Creative Directors: Urs Schrepfer, Daniel Comte Copywriter: Florian Birkner Art Director: Roland Scotoni Photographers: Stephan Schacher, Steve Bloom, Ardea, NHPA

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nice super

nice super

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