I haven't had this much fun laughing at swear words since that time I was recording a bunch of stoned creatives from *Scpf about Spanish curses. They'd explain "I shit in your oblat holder" is bad but "I shit in your milk" is worse.

Spanish curses seem very preoccupied with excrement and food. Even an idiot is a "Come mierda" (shit eater). Sin virguenza.

Almap BBDO São Paulo shows us the highbrow cursing needed when the One Show ads are coming to town. You can't just cuss when the ads are this good, you know.

Marcello Serpa (Executive Creative Director) Roberto Pereira (Creative Director) Luiz Sanches (Creative Director) Gustavo Victorino (Art Director) Renato Fernandez (Art Director) Cesar Herszkowicz (Copywriter)

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