OSO Food Wrap - Strange Dishes - print Australia


OSO Food Wrap - Strange Dishes - print Australia

DDB Sydney has cooked up these odd dishes for OSO Food Wrap to remind people that "Separate is Best". Sure sure, they look tasty from a distance but look closer.... Uhm... Well hang on, this one on the left is totally something that I would have eaten when I was preggars, though it could use some slices of thin roast beef and a dash of sweet mustard. Oh yeah!


Perfectly photographed by George Scott to look like those classic cookbook food shots, these ads remind you of the ick that happens when food flavors start to combine in the fridge. Though I don't know anyone who keeps their candy-jelly-worms in the fridge, I'll happily overlook that just because these ads are so purdy.

Dennis Monk (Retoucher)
Jay Young (Typographer)
George Scott (Photographer)
Matt Eastwood (Executive Creative Director)
Tim Green (Art Director)
Tim Cairns (Copywriter)

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Lovely idea, nicely executed. Except... couldn't Dennis have retouched that strawberry, right in the front of the shot, with the bit of rot on it?

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