Palmers: Crazy for Passion - leggy billboard


Palmers: Crazy for Passion - leggy billboard

We can't have Sloggi owning the arket of gigantic nearly nude womens asses on billboards now can we? No, Palmers: Crazy for Passion wants you to be really intimidated by the giant leggy billboard they've pt up. Observe, the first image is the billboard, the second is the billboard in situ. Crazy leggy.

Palmers' Communications Team:
Thomas Weber, CEO
Anna Georgiades, PR & Communications
Sonja Ortner, Marketing Director

Agency: BETC Luxe/Paris
Claus Lindorff, Managing Director
Katherine Chareonying, Account Supervisor
Josepha Waem, Creative Director
Amelie Marcie, Assistant Art Director
Ingrid Janowski, Art buyer
Photographer: Bruno Dayan
Models: Crazy Horse dancers

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