Panasonic Lumix Fire & Murder - print Thailand


Panasonic Lumix Fire & Murder - print Thailand

This print ad series from JWT Bangkok informs you with very detailed images that the Panasonic Lumix camera won't miss a thing.

Visionary, Retoucher
Pornchai Wongkila, Chamni's eye, Photographer
Pinit Chantaprateep, Chief Creative Officer
Satit Jantawiwat, Creative Director
Teeravit Kimsatra, Art Director
Taya Soonthonvipat, Copywriter
Agency Producer: Nongluck Rattanapong

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Where's Waldo?

That was exactly what I was thinking as I spent five minutes trying to find the killer (not cheating and looking at the camera-clue).

Who's the killer? Well, let's see, he/she must be Thai! :-)!

I finally looked at the camera clue, and he was one of 4 that I thought might be the killer.

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