I'm not sure that I understand this correctly, so I'll let Артём Лоскутников (Artemiy Loskutnikov)
the Regional director at Partizan Media explain it.

If you open a new magazine, first of all you thumb through it. This is an emotional feature. Then you open the page with a table of contents and a article of the editor. It is cognitive feature.

The reader takes a hot of magazine in hands and thumbs through it. He searches for allocated objects. This psychological feature is considered at creation of guerrilla advertising. The bent page with advertising is the first of such objects. The reader will necessarily open this page when he will thumb through magazine. But a basis of provocation is a sticker which was pasted on page with a word of the editor. The purpose was to make impression, that the worker of the edition has left the message to the editor-in-chief. And the magazine has casually got in sale. The reader compares with a sticker and direct advertising. He precisely remembers the name and branch of the company.

Advantage of journal guerrilla advertising is addressing to different kinds of memory: visual, emotional, tactile. As the result is increase of quantity of calls to the company on 60 %

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