Simple stunning portraits of true heroes: rescue dogs. With the "medals," they've received for their rescue efforts over the years. The idea being of course that they really are heroes. But without your donation, they won't be able to continue serving.

Client: National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
Founder - Wilma Melville
Executive Director & CEO - George Haynes
Director of Development - Rhett Mauck
Agency: Y&R New York
Chief Creative Officer - Leslie Sims
Executive Creative Director - Richard Butt
Copywriter - Pedro Cavalcanti
Art Director - Paulo Monteiro
Director of Design - Hamish Mcarthur
Designer - Chloe Kang
Junior Designer - Jinsug Park
Group Account Director - Caleb Lubarsky
Executive Director of Integrated Production - Greg Lotus
Project Manager - Ruby Rudijono

Photographer - Mauricio Nahas
Retoucher - Fujoka
Prop Producer - Mockup10
Media Agency - Group M