"Married to a MIME - she's got plenty to say" and "Knitting WARS - it's sew on" are but two of the mock reality shows that PBS show as examples of what other channels do. Bayou Eskimos "Their life is headed south", The Dillionarie "Life's a pickle" and Bad Bad Bag Boys "Cleanup on every aisle" take the campaign to ludicrous. PBS ties it all together with the line: "The fact that you thought this was a real show says a lot about the state of TV". A-MEN PBS.

Notice also the jab at competing channels such as A&E and TLC in the mock-channel logos. "TKC - The Know Channel". The team at CHI & Partners in New York had so much fun doing this, I can tell. Good job, it's funny.

Ad agency: CHI & Partners in New York