TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris South Africa created this little personally delivered stunt for Pedigree.

Pedigree wanted to create awareness of their Pedigree puppy formula and the nutricious energy it gives small dogs and puppies. Because the dogs are smaller they generally use a dog flap in the door to get in and out.

Here's the kicker, look where they placed that dog flap. Waaay up there. Yep: "We placed dog flaps on doors all around the suburbs. However, instead of placing them low where they are usually found, they were placed at the top implying that the dog had the energy to jump through the top. We also slipped a sample of the Pedigree puppy formula under their doors for their dogs to try".

Let me "put my client hat on" for a moment here. This door has no other dog flap, how do you know they have a dog? Slipping dog food under the door where dogs live sounds like a recipe for a really messy hallway - could you put it in the mailbox outside plz? I try to avoid getting bombarded by advertising, I don't know how if I'd get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you just used my property as your free media space. Ok, that taken care of, lets see more pics and credits inside!

(My client hat is only half serious, put the pitchforks down people.)

The line reads: "Peak condition puppy formula"

We've seen the media of stickers on peoples front doors before, Miami knocked on peoples doors for Hyresgästföreningen in 06 for example. Might become popular?

TBWA\ Hunt Lascaris South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Damon Stapleton
Creative Directors: Adam Weber; Hagan de Villiers
Art Director: Justin Wright
Copywriter: David Edworthy
Photographer: Clive Stewart