Peel that banana! Spec work wants you to snip it.


Peel that banana! Spec work wants you to snip it.

Here's some spec work from Bombay which wants you to get a circumcision - because it is good for you... or so they say. See ad inside.

Insert spanking the monkey puns here.

Product/Service - Circumcision Drive Copywriter - Ryan Mendonca Art Director - Sai Vikas Munipalle Location - Mumbai, India

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Erm... I see what they did there. A banana looks a bit like a penis, you see, and if you imagine really hard you can almost see the banana skin looking like a foreskin, if a foreskin sort of came down in strips like a banana skin, which it doesn't. Great! Except that they haven't actually said why circumcision is good for you. Wasted knob gag.

utter crap.

Hahahaha. so funny. this is superb. i cudnt stop laffin after i saw this. awesome wrk man. keep uit cumin.

Thank heavens for charities, hospitals and other good causes. Always easy targets for lamo creatives.

Instead of getting circumcised I would probably ask the doctor to something about the banana shape of my penis.

Hey - is that a banana in your pocket?

...and the pun of the year award goes to mikemystery. ;)

Circumcision is good for men because it protects them from many diseases. But it is even better for us women because it helps us enjoy our man properly ;)
Guys get circumcised, we love it!!!

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