Every 26 seconds a woman is raped in south africa which is a mind numbingly depressing number, made even worse when you realize that children are rape victims as well but not included in the 26 seconds statistic.

TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg placed these paper towel dispensers in every club that had 1500 or more people attending. It may look like a regular towel dispenser at first, but when you yank and 'violently' pull the towel out - a skirt appears on it asking "what have you done?" Sure, this accuses practically every man out there for being a rapist, but to change perceptions POWA wants every south african male to consider their own actions.

The men who saw these ads weren't offended, in fact after their initial campaign burst, popular 5FM Dj Gareth Cliff gave the idea praise - he had seen the ad as he happened to perform at a club where the ad was placed.

Damon Stapleton, Executive Creative Director Hennie Stander, Creative Director Michael Muller, Art Director Grant Codron, Copywriter Janyon, Photographer

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