Pepper Spray ads from Lowe Bangkok, Thailand

Lowe Bangkok give us this graphic - without being "graphic", geddit? - treatment for Pepper Spray. Now here's a product I never thought I'd see advertised with shiny double-page spreads. Heck, when I invested in my first imported (seriously illegal) pepper spray many moons ago, the packaging text was all I needed. On my mates French police spray it read "paralyse" and 10%, on my 16% it read "paralyse constant" - sold! And yes, I've even had to use it. Apologies to the now probably blind guy but I told you to leave me the hell alone three times yet you followed me into the graveyard at four in the morning - be glad you're still breathing.

Nok Pipattungkul, Photographer Anuchai Secharunputong, Photographer piya churarakpong, Executive Creative Director Supon Khaotong, Executive Creative Director Kittinan Sawasdee, Executive Creative Director Supon Khaotong, Creative Director Kittinan Sawasdee, Creative Director piya churarakpong, Creative Director Porakit Tanawattana, Art Director Rotrob Ramakomut, Art Director Supon Khaoton, Art Director Wesley Hsu, Copywriter Kittinan Sawasdee, Copywriter piya churarakpong, Copywriter Nuch Lertviwatchai, Agency Producer
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Scam ad? Or is there a brand of pepper spray called "Pepper spray"? It's not dong much but explaining how to use it, stand back and shoot, or you might get some on you. So either it has no competition to differentiate from or these ads are just selling any old pepper spray in general.

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Perhaps that "stand back and shoot" needs explaining. Blowback is a bitch, lemme tellya.

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A graveyard at four in the morning?
No wait, I don't want to know.

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Have you ever eaten at an authentic Thai restaurant? Even the salads are fiery hot! I wonder how much MORE hotter Thai pepper spray has to be, to be effective?

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@kgeiger Shortcut. I'm proud to be lazy and fearless.