Peroni Beer Pays Homage To "La Dolce Vita"

Peroni beer broke a :30 trailer ad during the Oscars on Sunday which pays homage to Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita", leading viewers to CinemaPeroni where you can view the full :210 film. Created by The Bank, Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s and SABMiller’s lead creative agency in the UK, the ad was shot in Cape Town and Rome in November 2005.
A $50 million global campaign for Peroni
that will run for 18 months in the UK, US, South Africa and Romania, and will eventually run in other territories.

The full-fledged campaign begins in the UK in April with TV and Cinema and will eventually also incorporate print, outdoor, point of sale and a public relations program.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Empty technical virtuosity

    "Homage" is the wrong word. While technically impressive, the long spot is a soulless appropriation of Fellini's exquisite vision of post-war Rome.

    What the director and others involved failed to grasp is that models are not actors, face is not character. Sunglasses do not equal glamour.

    It is an excellent example of style without substance, reference without understanding. Its crime is not that it's inauthentic but that it's devoid of life. The Rome it reproduces is a "non-place" inhabited by "no one."

    All surface, the spot it is utterly forgettable, and I suspect it will not encourage consumers to sample the beer.

    Jun 12, 2006

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