PETA wants all those hat wearnin' julip sippin' derby goers to know that it's no fun and games because horses die, man. They want them to know this so much, they're gonna be driving a mobile bill board up and down the street during the derby.
They also want earned media so they're releasing it early, because I'm willing to bet theDerby goers could give a rat's ass what PETA thinks about anything.

Info about the ad can be found on their blog (which starts off in a classy way by mocking the derby goers):

Designed by Dana Mulranen, a gifted graphic and interactive design major at Temple University's Tyler School of Art, the billboard draws attention to the misuse of both "therapeutic" and illegal drugs that the racing industry uses to keep injured and tired horses running, leading to the deadly breakdown of more than three horses every day on U.S. racetracks.

Let's hope PETA cares about humans and didn't have dear Dana create a billboard for "exposure," I.E. for free. Because that would make them cruel people.

As for the ad? Seems more like a print ad, than mobile out door. Maybe they have a different size. Either way. We have an obvious visual solution. A type face that looks like it took three minutes to choose. And really bad punnage in the copy.

Didn't take a press release to know this was done by a student.

Client: PETA

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